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I Thought… A film about changing your mind

24th September 2018

If Brexit isn’t turning out the way you thought, then it’s time to think again. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t change your mind. A short film by Euan Robinson. I THOUGHT… It is normal to think differently about something we may have thought before. We all do it. It's part of being human. So don't let anyone tell you that we can't think again about Brexit. Posted by Nick Clegg on Thursday, 20 September 2018

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Delaying Brexit – what does it mean for the European Parliament elections?

23rd July 2018

DELAYING BREXIT – WHAT WOULD IT MEAN FOR THE 2019 EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT ELECTIONS? What is the problem? The United Kingdom is due to leave the EU on 29 March 2019, two years after the date of the Article 50 letter. The next European Parliament (EP) elections are to be held a few weeks later, on 23-26 May 2019. Under the terms of Article 50, a departing Member State can request that the deadline for negotiations is extended. If the withdrawal agreement presented to the Westminster parliament this autumn is rejected by MPs, the government will face a choice between trying…

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Tantalising glimpse of an EU compromise on freedom of movement

18th June 2018

In April 2005, the mayor of Maubeuge, a town in northern France, sent a list of local plumbers to Frits Bolkestein, the straight-talking former Dutch EU commissioner. Mr Bolkestein was the author of a controversial EU directive that opened up local services — from hairdressing to ski lessons — to competition across the bloc. In a press conference, he had declared that he was looking forward to using the services of a “Polish plumber” because he couldn’t find a good local one for his holiday home near Maubeuge. His comments, unsurprisingly, caused outrage in France. A band of guerrilla electricians…

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France 24 Interview

30th May 2018

During a visit to Paris this week, Nick was interviewed on France 24. You can watch here or at the link below.

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Brexiteers are right to panic – they’ve failed to deliver Utopia and are almost out of excuses

29th May 2018

In politics, if you want to understand your enemies listen hard to their tone. The tone of your opponents normally tells you a lot more about what they’re really thinking than what they say. And the tone of the Brexiteers is increasingly brittle, angry and panicky. It isn’t just the – now frequent – demented headlines on the front page of Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail (“traitors”, “saboteurs”, “enemies of the people”). It isn’t just the – now frequent – self-absorbed rants from Dominic Cummings, the political apparatchik who helped to run the Brexit campaign. Read the full article here.

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World Class Podcast

22nd May 2018

On a recent visit to Stanford University, Nick appeared as a guest on the World Class podcast – a series from the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (FSI) hosted by former Stanford president and senior fellow at FSI, Gerhard Casper. In this conversation, Nick discussed whether it was too late to stop Brexit, and what we might expect for the future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union. Listen here .  

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Northern Europeans hold the eurozone’s future in their hands

10th May 2018

Brexit, nationalism in central and eastern Europe and unresolved differences within the eurozone are the greatest threats to the EU. The UK’s vote to leave demolished the idea that European integration is irreversible. The illiberal chauvinism of the Polish and Hungarian governments undermines the bloc’s democratic values. And a failure to come to a new north-south agreement within the eurozone threatens Europe’s economic stability. Read more here.

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