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'How to Stop Brexit' - a short animation, narrated by Nick Clegg, explaining why you should reject the government's Brexit deal and how YOU can stop Brexit.

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Inequality in Education

13th June 2017

Reducing inequality in education is a challenging task where progress has been all too slow. This report reviews the evidence on inequality across time and observes how little it has changed, and in some cases how the situation has actually worsened over time. The evidence we set out shows that how much money a child’s parents earn, which region they live in and their ethnicity are all very significant factors in how successful they are at school. Where someone comes from can still matter much more in determining where they end up in life than their talents or efforts. This…

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Desert Island Discs

29th October 2010

Kirsty Young’s castaway is the Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg. Of his career, he says: “Joining the Liberal Party was a no brainer for me – when you’re a young man, you don’t get a calculator out saying ‘Am I going to get to power?’ you get propelled forward by idealism”. Yet this week more than any other, critics have questioned whether his interest in power has meant his ideals have had to take a back seat. In this candid conversation, he describes the behind-the-scenes negotiations that underpinned the coalition and he shares the personal trauma…

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