On this week’s episode of ANGER MANAGEMENT WITH NICK CLEGG, the former Deputy Prime Minister reconnects with his old Cabinet sparring partner and Coalition frenemy GEORGE OSBORNE – once Chancellor of the Exchequer, now editor of the Evening Standard, firm opponent of Brexit and helpful supplier of constructive criticism to the current Prime Minister (of whom he is famously fond).

How is anger driving our day-to-day politics? What are the Tories getting wrong in “running against metropolitan Britain”? How is the BBC failing us – and should Facebook be regulated? On the less intense side, Nick finds out which way George Osborne’s mother voted in the last General Election… what happened the first time he met “alien species” Jacob Rees-Mogg… and who the former Chancellor would most like to be stuck in a lift with.

  • “You don’t heal the nation by saying ‘we hear you but we’re not going to pay any attention to you’.”
  • “Facebook should be subject to similar regulations that I face editing a newspaper, as to what you can and can’t publish. There’s a reason why those laws exist.”
  • “There’s a naive view in parts of the Conservative Party of ‘let’s just get Brexit done and then we can talk about housing or social mobility or whatever…’ That is not the case. This is a massive shock to the British political system. We’re still going to be talking about Brexit in 15 years’ time.”

Anger Management with Nick Clegg is created by Podmasters, producers of the hit Brexit podcast Remainiacs. Producer: Andrew Harrison. Studio production: Sophie Black with a little help from Jack Claramunt.

Music by Jon Luc Heffernan used under Creative Commons licence. Photo: Paul Heartfield.