'How to Stop Brexit' - a short animation, narrated by Nick Clegg, explaining why you should reject the government's Brexit deal and how YOU can stop Brexit.

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World Class Podcast

22nd May 2018

On a recent visit to Stanford University, Nick appeared as a guest on the World Class podcast – a series from the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (FSI) hosted by former Stanford president and senior fellow at FSI, Gerhard Casper. In this conversation, Nick discussed whether it was too late to stop Brexit, and what we might expect for the future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union. Listen here .  

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Speaker’s Lecture: Brexit and beyond – Britain’s place in the world in the 2020s

21st May 2018

Brexit and beyond – Britain’s place in the world in the 2020s Rt Hon Sir Nick Clegg Speaker’s Lecture Series Westminster May 21st 2018   I have been asked to look ahead to 2020 and beyond, and to paint a picture of Britain’s place in the world in 5, 10, 20 years from now, beyond the immediate issues surrounding Brexit. Yet it is, in truth, impossible to peer beyond the current controversies surrounding Brexit because they will have such a profound effect on Britain’s strategic place in the wider world. We are at one of those unusual, pivotal, moments in…

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Three politicians from different parties with very different beliefs are united on one thing… Britain must resist the march to a Hard Brexit fantasy land

13th May 2018

We come from different political parties with distinct histories, policies and ideological beliefs. There have been many occasions when we have disagreed with one another. There are many issues on which we still don’t see eye to eye. However, when it comes to putting our country before our political parties, in the debate about Brexit we are unequivocally united. Read more here.  

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Northern Europeans hold the eurozone’s future in their hands

10th May 2018

Brexit, nationalism in central and eastern Europe and unresolved differences within the eurozone are the greatest threats to the EU. The UK’s vote to leave demolished the idea that European integration is irreversible. The illiberal chauvinism of the Polish and Hungarian governments undermines the bloc’s democratic values. And a failure to come to a new north-south agreement within the eurozone threatens Europe’s economic stability. Read more here.

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Institute for Government: In conversation with Nick Clegg

23rd April 2018

Last week (April 19th) the Institute for Government invited Nick to discuss the UK’s future relationship with the EU and the challenges ahead for the Brexit negotiations.     In a conversation with Bronwen Maddox, the Director of the IFG, Nick discussed the route to stopping Brexit, the Parliamentary debates over the Customs Union, the position of the Labour Party, and the ongoing Windrush scandal. You can watch the event on the link below, or to listen to Nick’s talk click here.

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Westminster Hour – BBC Radio 4

11th April 2018

Nick Clegg criticises Labour’s Brexit stance. Sir Nick Clegg has told the Westminster Hour that Jeremy Corbyn will “embark on the greatest act of betrayal of progressive values this country has seen in many, many years” if he instructs Labour MPs to support Brexit. The former Deputy Prime Minister said it would be “impossible” for the party to end austerity if it proceeds with the UK leaving the EU. In a wide-ranging interview he also defended the role of private-sector companies in large infrastructure projects and warned there is currently “no solution to the biggest environmental challenges” the world is…

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Elected representatives will do the right thing on Brexit

7th April 2018

MPs and MEPs should follow their conscience about whether to vote for any exit deal. Like the suspense in an old-fashioned cowboy film before the final gunfight, tension in Westminster is already rising as MPs prepare for the “meaningful” vote on Brexit towards the end of this year. The upcoming debates in the House of Commons will be the political equivalent of scuffles in a saloon, harbingers of the real showdown to come. Many MPs — the majority of whom would probably slip the noose of Brexit if only they knew how — are still waiting, hoping, that something might…

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Nick Clegg interview – The Times

24th March 2018

Negotiations have been a disaster but MPs can save the day, says Nick Clegg. Sir Nick Clegg is remarkably optimistic for somebody who has just been through three years of hell. Having lost his job as deputy prime minister and watched the Liberal Democrats being crushed at the 2015 election, he saw his European ideals rejected by the voters in the Brexit referendum, then suffered the humiliation of being booted out of parliament last year. Far more gruelling than any of these political defeats, he has also nursed his son Antonio through lymphoma (blood cancer), administering a brutal daily combination…

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Weaving the UK’s Brexit strategy into three baskets

24th February 2018

Prime minister Theresa May will reveal the blueprint in a speech in early March. This week’s marathon meeting of ministers at Chequers was designed to produce the final blueprint for Brexit, or so we were told. Now the message is that UK prime minister Theresa May will reveal all in a speech next week. The future that our children and grandchildren will inhabit will — finally — become clear. Given the historical significance of these events, it was underwhelming, to say the least, to learn that ministers had spent much of their time in the run-up to the Chequers meeting…

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