Brexit Challenge papers

1st June 2017

Following the EU referendum in June 2016, Nick Clegg launched his ‘Brexit Challenge’, working with a group of experts to publish a series of papers on the challenges and dilemmas facing the UK in a wide range of areas.

These concise analytical papers highlight key issues around the Single Market, international trade, impact on the food and drink industry, freedom of movement, justice and home affairs cooperation, how EFTA and EEA models work, and key crunch points in the Brexit negotiations.

Shockingly, as the clock ticks down to the Article 50 deadline, many of the complex and difficult questions posed in these papers remain unanswered.

Brexit Challenge #1 – Access to the Single Market
Brexit Challenge #2 – International trade
Brexit Challenge #3 – food and drink
Brexit Challenge #4 – Free movement
Brexit Challenge #5 – JHA
Brexit Challenge #6 EFTA and the EEA
Brexit Challenge #7 – Brexit negotiations