As one of the leading pro-European voices in British politics, Nick is at the forefront of the campaign to halt Brexit. He campaigns with politicians from all parties, is the author of the best-selling How to Stop Brexit, and speaks regularly to pro-European groups across the country.


AI & Tech

Nick passionately believes that there is an urgent need for politicians to get to grips with the unfolding revolution in AI, robotics and other cutting edge technology, and works to bring the tech and politics worlds closer together.


Media & Speeches

Nick writes monthly columns for the Financial Times and the i, and appears regularly across British and European broadcast media.


Nick hosts a brand new podcast, Anger Management with Nick Clegg. He speaks to major figures from the political and cultural worlds about why the world we live in today appears to be fuelled by rage and not reason.

Other Work

Open Reason is also engaged in a range of other projects led by Nick. He is a member of the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity (TCEI), a commissioner on the Global Commissions on Drugs Policy, the chairman of the Social Mobility Foundation, and a visiting professor in practice at the LSE.

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